What is it?
Cable Concrete is one of the most up to date forms of erosion control available. This system of integrating strong flexible stainless steel cable into high strength concrete permits durability and flexibility.

Cable Concrete is formed to cover an area of 1.22 m x 4.88 m (4 ft. x 16 ft.) or 2.44 m x 4.88 m (8ft. x 16 ft.) and is available in 4 weights: 20, 35, 45 and 70 lb/sq. ft. This allows you to economically meet the requirements of your particular project.

How Does It Work?
In order to provide maximum protection, the Cable Concrete mat must team up with a polyester geotextile base cloth.

The needle punched geotextile allows moisture in the subsoil to drain, preventing build up of hydraulic pressure beneath the protective concrete mat. As this action takes place, the subgrade material is held in tact by the weight of the Cable Concrete and separating ability of the geotextile.

The high strength mat also provides a durable shield to protect subgrade material from high water velocities and wave action.

Cable Concrete is exceptionally easy to install above and below water level. On site assembly is not required, therefore labour costs are kept to a minimum.

Site preparation is minimal as this system can be installed on existing subgrade material following minimal grade preparation.

In order to provide maximum effectiveness in erosion control, the protective device must keep a uniform pressure on the geotextile and subgrade material at all times. Due to its integrated cable design, Cable Concrete will easily conform to any surface changes caused by freeze-thaw etc.

The integrated cable in Cable Concrete allows for easy interlocking of many mats to form a single strong unit to cover any area required. Clamping is recommended for maximum stability.

Cable Concrete can easily be cut to fit smaller areas, irregular shapes or allow for drainage pipes.

The integrated cable in Cable Concrete is easily accessible for use in anchoring. Some installation may require the use of an anchor for extra stability.

Vegetation Regrowth
Due to the large percentage of open area within the Cable Concrete system, vegetation regrowth easily occurs. For best results, soil can be back filled to just below the top of the blocks and re-seeded.

Vehicle Access
The integrated cable allows external forces to be distributed throughout the system. Maintenance vehicles can easily maneuver over this type of system. Vehicle crossings of creek and river beds are easily constructed with Cable Concrete.

Some benefits of using Cable Concrete are:

  • Precast mats come with pre-attached geotextile making installation quick and easier.
  • Allows safe pedestrians access.
  • Flexibility of the cable allows the mat to conform to ground contours, minimizing site preparation while maintaining high levels of stability.
  • Mats can be removed and reused.
  • Low installation cost as mats come as a unit and no on-site assembly is required, minimizing labour requirements.
  • Can be installed above or below water levels.
  • Mats can be installed under any weather conditions.
  • Due to the weight of the blocks and the interconnecting cable within the blocks, vandalism is not a problem.
  • Due to the large percentage of open area within the mat system, vegetation re-growth is easily obtained to achieve the ecology of the natural environment while preventing soil erosion problems.


Channel/Slope Protection

Military Application


Storm Water Management


Bridge Pier Protection


Boat Ramps

Access Road


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