What Are They?
Non-Corrosive Concrete Gabions are a combination of interengageable stackable blocks of concrete with transverse ducts. Concrete Gabions are available in different sizes. A standard Concrete Gabion being 2 m long x ½ m wide x 1 m high. Various sizes allowing the most effective and economical means of meeting the requirements of each application.

Due to the weight and interlocking system, Concrete Gabions form a reliable stable retaining wall. Installations may require the use of earth anchors for extra stability.

Concrete Gabions are quickly and easily installed with the use of hydraulic equipment. On site assembly is not required, therefore labour costs are kept to a minimum.

How Do They Work?
Concrete Gabions teamed up with geotextile cloth permits hydrostatic pressure to drain uniformly through drainage ducts. Concrete Gabions work to prevent land erosion along streams and rivers, retain walls along highways and railroads, provide supports for bridges and piers and other similar uses.

Concrete Gabions can be installed to suit most designs. In some applications, special blocks can be manufactured to meet requirements.

Site preparation is minimal. A granular is used to provide a level base.

Some benefits of using Concrete Gabions:

  • On site assembly of individual blocks are not required

  • Minimal labour required to install blocks

  • Non-corrosive

  • Can be removed and reused if desired

  • No additional drainage required

  • Minimum excavation required

  • Maintenance free

  • Longer life span then gabion baskets

  • No vandalism

  • Pedestrian safe


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