Insul-Tarp® is a patented revolutionary product like no other on the market today. Its lightweight, Space Age design integrates closed cell foam and reflective technology with a protective poly coating all within three, thin layers. The durable poly coating protects the insulating material from potentially damaging surfaces and is impermeable to moisture. The physical characteristics and overall design of Insul-Tarp® make it the most effective product for insulating under concrete slabs in Residential, Commercial and Agricultural radiant heating systems.

Insul-Tarp® insulation was designed specifically for under slab applications. Insul-Tarp® provides excellent thermal performance and a vapor barrier all in one easy to use product. In most applications the ground temperature that the insulation is directly exposed to is a consistent 50-55 degrees. Foam board insulation will eventually stabilize at that temperature level. Therefore, the foam insulation provides a consistent drain on the radiant system and the slab. Because of the innovative combination of insulation layers and aluminum, Insul-Tarp® allows the slab to reach a desired temperature quicker; and the heating system performs more efficiently. Insul-Tarp® stands alone.

Quick Installation
Insul-Tarp® can take less than 1/2 the time of conventional insulation to install. While rigid insulation requires the subsoil surface to be lowered and leveled, no special preparations are needed to accommodate Insul-Tarp®.

Insul-Tarp®'s cross woven polyethylene shell provides a durable coating to withstand construction traffic. Insul-Tarp® will not crack or crumble during installation, allowing for a constant thermal break beneath the slab.

Quicker Response Time
With Insul-Tarp®'s under-slab installation, the response time of the heating system is quicker and more consistent due to the insulation's insulative properties. Insul-Tarp® significantly decreases the heat loss to the earth below the slab, allowing the system to react more efficiently and accurately to a shift in temperature. A quicker response time means a happier customer.

Effective Vapor And Radon Barrier
Insul-Tarp®'s low perm rate allows it to act as a vapor barrier. Therefore, it becomes very effective in preventing radon gas infiltration, creating a safer environment for your customer.


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