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Woven monofilament geotextiles can provide ‘long term’ solutions for nearly any drainage or filtration application, thus making them the filter fabric of choice for bulkheads, sub-surface drainage systems and under hard armor.

* Erosion control
* Sub-surface drainage
* Filtration
* Separation
* Stabilization
* Reinforcement

Our custom tarpaulins use a high strength polypropylene geotextile which has been coated on one face for water and weather resistance. The binding is double stitched with heavy duty marine quality thread with ultra light and mildew inhibitors.

* Scaffolding
* Mobile staging
* Building enclosures
* Bridge Painter's
* Debris collection

J-DRain is the next evolution in site water drainage replacing conventional crushed stone and perforated pipe.Whatever the drainage challenge J-DRain has the water-tight solution that is affordable, easy to install and lasts a lifetime. 

* Horizontal Applications
* Vertical Applications
* Turf Area Applications

Cable Concrete is one of the most up to date forms of erosion control available. This system of integrating strong flexible stainless steel cable into high strength concrete permits durability and flexibility.

* Channel/slope protection
* Military applications
* Vegetation
* Storm Water Management
* Bridge Pier Protection
* Boat Ramps

Non-Corrosive Concrete Gabions are a combination of interengageable stackable blocks of concrete with transverse ducts. Concrete Gabions are available in different sizes. A standard Concrete Gabion being 2 m long x ½ m wide x 1 m high. Various sizes allowing the most effective and economical means of meeting the requirements of each application.

* Retaining Walls
* Box Culverts
* Headwalls
* Culvert Wing Walls


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