Viper VaporCheck™ is a triple ply, extrusion coated, virgin polyethylene membrane designed to act as a vapor/moisture barrier underneath concrete slabs. It comes in three mil thicknesses and offers premium protection against soil gas and moisture diffusion through the slab.

Why is a vapor barrier neccessary under concrete?
Concrete is a naturally porous material. Without a vapor barrier, air pressure can cause soil gasses and water vapor to migrate through the slab into a home or building. In some instances, methane and radon levels in basements have risen high enough to be fatal. Moisture has been know to cause mold, mildew, fungus, rust stains, odors, floor failure and more.

How does viper vaporcheck help?
When installed beneath the concrete slab, Viper VaporCheck™ creates a barrier between the concrete and the soil that is virtually impervious to soil gasses and moisture. Methane, radon, and water vapor are stopped short of migrating through the slab and kept from creating problems inside the building.

What sets viper apart from other vapor barriers?
During construction, heavy foot traffic often compromises the integrity of the vapor barrier. Punctures and tears due to construction provide openings for vapor migration. Viper VaporCheck™ is specifically designed to resist tears and punctures during construction. Testing shows that Viper VaporCheck™ is the strongest vapor barrier on the market.


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