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Coir Log 12

Product Data Sheet




USCF Coir Logs are excellent Best Management Practice (BMP) devices for the minimization of accelerated erosion and the

resulting sedimentation. The Coir log is made from coir fiber and bound by coir twine that has a high tensile strength and

an installed functional longevity of two to five years. Coir logs are made with 100% natural organic fiber and are free of

synthetic netting or chemical additives. Coir logs absorb 150-200% water by weight without experiencing physical property

alterations and are ideal for water-associated streambanks, lakeshore and coastal restoration and protection projects. Coir

logs are totally biodegradable and convert into mulch that improves the organic composition of the soil. Riparian zone

herbaceous plants can easily be “plugged” into the coir fiber and the log provides a secure growing medium thus enabling

the plants to become established. The Standard Coir Logs are recommended for low energy sites such as ponds and

streams. The Premium Coir Logs are denser and are recommended for higher energy sites such as lakes, bayshores and

streambanks. Coir logs are flexible and are easily installed.

Choir Log Size Variants

12 in x 10 in (30 cm x 25 cm) square log with length of 10 ft.

  • Structurally sound connections between units.
  • The square shaped cross section provides better contact area at the bottom.
  • Preformed wholes can be used for vertical or horizontal planting.
  • Can be used as a solid log without removing coir plugs in the invisible holes.

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Application Use Cases

Streambank Restoration

Slope Stabilization