US Construction Fabrics, LLC
Our Mission

Founded in 1991, US Construction Fabrics has built a reputation among New England's leading Contractors as a trusted name in geotextiles, liners, erosion control materials, and site management supplies.

We are committed to providing Contractors with immediate access to a growing product catalog from top manufacturers.

US Construction Fabrics, LLC
New England distribution center
Our Project Specialists Get the Job Done

As a leader in wholesale distribution of construction fabrics, liners, & environmental products, we at US Construction Fabrics are committed to providing expert resources and support at every project stage. Contact us now to find out how we can manage your construction fabric, liners, or environmental product needs.

Expert Support

Our Project Specialists are ready to assist you at every stage from product selection to delivery.

Lightning fast delivery

We're an agile team that takes project support seriously. Time is money and getting the right product to your site quickly is our priority.

Free Estimates

We provide free estimates and will work with you to determine correct specifications and product selection.

New online catalog

We are excited to provide our professional working contractors with a new online product catalog for even faster product staging.

Our Method

The US Construction Fabrics distribution center provides advanced resources for managing construction projects and sites. On-demand inventory, knowledgeable product specialists, and an agile delivery fleet means we get products to your job site, faster.

US Construction Fabrics
Delivery Fleet

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  • Extensive inventory

  • Product equivalents

  • Project assistance from estimate to delivery

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