US Construction Fabrics Geotextiles

  • Subsurface Drainage
  • Separation
  • Stabilization
  • Permanent Erosion Control

Our line of woven slit film geotextiles offers immediate and cost effective solutions for most separation, stabilization and reinforcement applications. By providing and maintaining separation of the aggregate and subgrade soils, the system life of both paved and unpaved roadways is extended significantly. In unpaved applications, the aggregate remains useful throughout the entire life of the job, and access to work site remains trouble free though all types of weather. Stabilization is provided primarily by their high strength at low elongation that distributes loads and reduces or eliminates rutting.

Most all types of geotextiles are excellent separators of aggregate and subgrade. However, only 'woven' geotextiles have high modulus - resistance to stretch - necessary to provide reinforcement over soft or poorly drained soils. These fabrics are ideal for use under driveways, parking, storage, and staging areas, roadways, airport runways, paving blocks, and access/haul roads; as soil reinforcement in retaining walls and steepened slopes; in foundation stabilization; and as daily land fill covers.

Subsurface Drainage / Filtration

Non-woven geotextiles - often considered 'multi-purpose' offers solutions for many drainage and filtration applications. The GT Series is constructed of 100% polypropylene staple filaments that have been needle punched and heat set. Weights can be produced from 3 to 30 ounces per square yard.

These fabrics are typically used in underdrain systems to prevent soils from entering the drainage system and as a separator under pavers, driveways and roadways.