Designing With Geosynthetics

A US Construction Fabrics Project

Solutions Deployed:

  • Synthetic Turf Athletic Fields

  • Beach Revetments

  • Base Reinforcement

  • Haul Roads

  • Dike Construction

  • Landfill Closures


Project Name:

Designing With Geosynthetics

Project Date:

February 12, 2020

Project Location:


Engineers and contractors have long tried to reinforce soft soils with dissimilar materials. The field of geosynthetics has progressed at a pace even faster than envisioned by contractors and engineers.

  • Waste containment liner and cover systems have developed in the type of geosynthetic materials being used and performance monitoring of these system positioning them as a major focal point for all types of geosynthetics.
  • Geonets for the purpose of in plane drainage.
  • The development, use, and design/deployment of high-strength geotextiles in applications dealing with very soft soils in areal and linear fills.


Products Used

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