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Black Silt Sock 12HD

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Black Silt Sock 12HD

Black Silt Sock 12" HD is designed for stormwater management, sediment & erosion control. Silt Socks allow water to flow through, and at a controlled rate, while trapping sediment. This is facilitated through a filter fabric filled with organic material(s) designed to make contact with the ground preventing reducing seepage.

Equivalent to:

Silt Sock Fabric is an HOPE similar in Function and Performance as Filtrexx

Improve Site Management

Silt Socks are an effective method of erosion control with a lower profile making site erosion control easier to manage.

Quick Specs:
  • Size: 12" diameter
  • Roll Length: 520'
  • Fiber Material: HDPE
  • Filament Count: 60-120
  • Silt Sock Color: Black
  • UV Protection: Photo-degradable

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Application Use Cases

Sediment Control

Stormwater Management

Erosion Control