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ECS-2B Erosion Blanket

Product Overview

Product Data Sheet



ECS-2B Double Net Straw Biodegradable Rolled Erosion Control Product

The ECS-2BTM is made with uniformly distributed 100% agricultural straw and two organic jute nets securely sewn together with biodegradable thread. The tightly compressed blankets are wrapped and include a product label, code and installation guide. The blankets are palletized for easy transportation. The ECS-2BTM has functional longevity of approximately 12 months, but will vary depending on soil and climatic conditions, and is suitable for slopes 3:1 to 2:1 and low to medium flow
channels The ECS-2BTM meets Type 2.D specification requirements Administration’s (FHWA) FP-03 Section 713.17.

Additional Information

US Construction Fabrics' erosion blankets have the greatest length and width uniformity in the industry – making installation much easier and more consistent. East Coast’s products are delivered with rolled product edges, these edges mean you get a full width of product usage every time! In fact, the thoughtful product design combined with the increased ease of installation can decrease standard labor time by 25% with no reduction in quality.

Application Use Cases

Erosion Control


Slope Stabilization