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LBO202 Biaxial Geogrid


Product Overview

LBO 202 Type 1 Biaxial Geogrid

TENAX LBO 202 are polypropylene geogrids especially designed for soil stabilization and reinforcement applications. LBO 202 geogrids are manufactured from a unique process of extrusion and biaxial orientation to enhance tensile properties. TENAX LBO 202 geogrids features consistently high tensile strength and modulus, excellent resistance to consturction damages, and environmental exposure.

LBO geogrids are specifically designed for the stabilization and the reinforcement of soil. LBO geogrids are manufactured from polypropylene (PP), produced by a patented extrusion method and successively biaxially drawn to increase their tensile characteristics, and have an elevated tensile modulus and optimal construction damage resistance during installation.

Typical Applications:

Soft soil stabilization, base reinforcement, embankments over soft soils, working platforms, haul roads. Interlocking of the aggregate within the apertures allows for the effective confinement and reinforcement of the soil.

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Application Use Cases

Erosion Control

Slope Stabilization

Soil Stabilization

Base Reinforcement

Working Platforms

Haul Roads