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Silt Fence 125

Product Data Sheet



SF 125 Silt Fence Fabric

US Construction Fabrics' silt fences are temporary sediment control devices that are designed to prevent the release of silt from a construction site. Silt fence is  supplied as rolls of permeable fabric to be stapled to wooden posts


  • Prevent silt or erosion from leaving construction sites
  • Silt control and prevention for streams and waterways
  • Site erosion control & prevention
  • Physical barrier around site
  • Can be used around catch basins

Additional SF 125 Silt Fence Information

The following are minimum roll values for Shandong Leihua Plastics SF125. It is a woven polypropylene fabric. It contains stabilizers and inhibitors, that make it resistant to deterioration caused by ultraviolet light, heat and soil conditions.

NTPEP approved (GTX-2018-01-253)

General Specifications

Property Unit Method
Grab Tensile Strength lbs ASTM D4632 140
Grab Tensile Elongation % ASTM D4632 19
Mullen Burst Strength lbs ASTM D3786 294
Puncture Strength lbs ASTM D4833 85
Trapezoidal Tear lbs ASTM D4533 75
Apparent Opening U.S. Std Sieve # ASTM D4751 30
UV Resistance % Strength after 500hrs Retained ASTM D4355 80

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