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Style 9832 XR5 Geomembrane Liner

Product Data Sheet




A High-Strength, Chemically Resistant Geomembrane Liner

This geomembrane liner is compatible with harsh liquids and has many advantages over high-density polyethylene (HDPE), chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE), and polypropylene, including:

  • Low thermal expansion/contraction
  • Superior UV/chemical resistance and tensile strength


XR-5 Geomembranes are durable and engineered for the toughest applications and environments that require high-strength membranes, including:

  • Floating covers: Floating covers manufactured from geomembranes are a popular solution to odor containment and an integral component of low-rate anaerobic digestion systems.
  • Leachate ponds: A superior material for UV-exposed leachate collection pond lining, XR-5 Geomembranes provide long-term containment assurance with minimal maintenance.
  • Secondary containment: Reinforced flexible geomembrane liners are a better option for secondary containment of spills because unlike concrete, these liners don’t leak, are less expensive, and don’t require costly subgrade consideration and amendment.
  • Process wastewater: XR-5 Geomembranes have a range of chemical resistance and physical properties, making them the ideal material for the wastewater treatment process.
  • Floating baffles: Floating baffles are used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants to improve water quality. XR-5 Geomembranes are used for the principal construction material in floating diversion baffles.
  • Tank floors: A type of secondary containment, geomembranes are placed under the floors of bulk storage tanks, functioning as a protective barrier—between the tank and the fluid—that contains leakage and allows enhanced monitoring.
  • Oil booms: XR® Geomembranes is one of the world’s largest suppliers of reinforced membranes for long-term oil boom use.
  • Wastewater ponds: Low thermal expansion and contracting properties, along with toughness derived from the base fabric, allow the owner to leave the liner exposed.
  • Geofoam coverage (9832 XR-5 G): Not only do reinforced geomembranes gain strength from the base fabric, they are less thick or rigid compared to their unreinforced counterparts.

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Leachate Ponds

Secondary Containment

Process Wastewater

Floating Baffles

Tank Floors

Oil Booms

Wastewater Ponds

Geofoam coverage