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TL-TA2 8" Twist Anchor


Product Overview

Product Data Sheet



The TL-TA2 8” Twist Anchor holds all types of erosion control and soil stabilization matting securely in place. The TL-TA2 twist anchor is easy to install and provides superior pull-out resistance when compared with traditional pins.

TL-TA2 8" Twist Anchor Features

• Quick and easy to install with an electric drill and custom chuck
• Superior performance when compared to traditional straight pins
• Eliminates time & labor associated with replacing or reworking pins that have
become loose or pulled out altogether
• The patent pending innovative design of the installation chuck allows the
Twist Anchor to be installed to full depth without damaging the mat
• Integrated top coil form eliminates the need for a washer, spreads the load
and helps secure the matting in place
• Extended tip allows faster placement and enhanced interaction with matting
on install

Application Use Cases

Erosion Control