Catch Basin Bags

US Construction Fabrics LLC catch basin bags are a cost-effective and easy way to stop silt and sediment from entering catch basins on construction sites. Catch basin bags are a simple and economical solution of preventing clogging of catch basins. Catch basin bags are sediment control devices used to prevent silt and sediment from entering drainage systems by catching the silt and sediment while allowing water to pass through freely.

Catch basin bags can be used as a primary or secondary sediment control device to prevent failure of drainage systems due to clogging, and must be maintained on a regular basis to function properly.

Catch basin bags are available in both high-flow or regular flow. A modified Catch Basin Bag is also available with a curb opening deflector attached to prevent sediment and debris from entering through curb openings.

US Construction Fabrics LLC Catch Basin Bags are constructed with properties shown in the specifications page.